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Monday, February 17, 2014

Why should we install the KAD high speed door in Indonesia. Indonesia Corp. 021.3178.8787~8

Why should we install the KAD high speed door in Indonesia
KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

KAD high speed doors are very suitable industrial fields.
First, the function is great.
As you can see on our homepage or blog the sealing function is remarkable then other doors.
KAD High Speed Doors seal with Brush in KAD-2000 Basic type

It's very clean because sheet doesn't touch the frames. And brushes are also block the small dust and insect which used to be in. So brush is very good for block the alien material.

And All materials are aluminum. So it's very easy to keep clean and very light. Also We use dual structure aluminum which means very strong as much as other companies material.

second, KAD High Speed Door looks very good cuase of alumimum.
it's very sanitary and round structure in very attractive.
usually industrial doors doesn't think about appearance but KAD High Speed Door is think about appearance for suitable factories.

Third, Customer Service.
The Most Important Thing for High Speed Door is maintenance.
even if you install the high speed door without the maintenance it can't use for a long time.
But with the small maintenance it can be used semi-permanently.

KAD is the only one high speed door company which can meet the deadline.

So just contact with KAD High Speed Door in Indonesia!
We are always be your side!
You can Check the High Speed Door installation in Indonesia HERE
Above link shows famous Company that we install the high speed door in Indonesia.

"Complimentary visit consulting service performed by factory trained technicians."

KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

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