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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A World – Famous KAD High Speed Door, Indonesia Corp. 021.3178.8787~8

A World – Famous KAD High Speed Door
check the jual high speed door
KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

KAD, Korea Auto Door is one of most famous companies in the world.
KAD has a lot of agency and factories. Korea of course, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan etc.
The big difference between KAD and other companies is well trained Agent.
All Agents in the all around world has to trained in Head Factory in Korea at least 6 month for product team and installation team.
So all agents are well trained so they can consult perfectly and our agent is not work for sell the products they are work for consult the industrial doors.
So we are not give the press to the Customers to install the high speed doors.
check the jual high speed door
<Appy the interlock function to factory>
All industrial fields has different fuctions.
For Example some fields needs air curtain, some fields needs conveyor belts.
but KAD high speed door can link all industrial machines.
We have own R&D center, so if you give some information of the machine we can apply high speed door in the machine.

<Apply to conveyor belts>

KAD is the only one high speed door company which can meet the deadline in Indonesia.

So just contact with KAD High Speed Door in Indonesia!
We are always be your side!
You can Check the High Speed Door installation in Indonesia HERE
Above link shows famous Company that we install the high speed door in Indonesia.
if you gave any question for jual high speed door call us.

"Complimentary visit consulting service performed by factory trained technicians."

KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

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