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Monday, June 16, 2014

Thanks for your interest and support for KAD high speed door in 2014 Propak Asia

TEL. +82 2 1566 8219

Thanks for your interest and support for KAD high speed door in 2014 Propak Asia.
KAD High Speed Door has participated in 2014 Propak Asia at 11th~14th June in BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.
A lot of customers have visited us more than expected. With your interest and support, the exhibition ended in great success.
These are the pictures of Propak Asia.

high speed door in propak asia 

picture of propak asia

KAD High Speed Door operating at high speed offer many benefits. It can save time, energy, and money.
Furthermore, it improves the comfort for your employees by build an eco-friendly and clean environment.

photo of high speed door

the picture of propak asia

We are going to participate in various exhibitions throughout the Asia.
Hope you continue to pay attention to us.
We appreciate all your interest and support.

KAD, Pursuit of the Customers Satisfaction

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Propak Asia 2014 KAD high speed door exhibit in BITEC!!!

TEL. +82 2 1566 8219

Propak Asia 2014 started just few hours ago!
The Homepage of Propack 2014 says that
"2014 Propak Asia is the region's No.1 event foe the food, drink and pharmaceutical processing & packaging industries and will be the biggest ever edition now covering cover 45,000sqm or 6 halls of BITEC.

Propak Asia 2014 will present 14 international groups from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK and the USA"

It's the biggest Processing & Packaging exhibition in South East Asia.

And KAD High Speed Door show up in Propak Asia 2014!

The KAD Door is suitable for company which has to keep clean inside.
So, usually food company use the high speed door for keep clean inside.
But as you know the product also exposed from dust and outside material while packing process.
So nowadays Packing company also care about the keep clean up inside.

KAD high speed doors has great sealing function.
it can perfectly block in and outside. So outside alien material, dust and insect can not get in the rooms.

The strong point of KAD high speed door thailand is fast installation.
We product and install in South East Asia, So it's quick to install in your factory.
And the all supervisors are specialized in High Speed Doors.
If you need install the high speed door?
Please visit us! we'll consulted what you have to install in your place!!

KAD, Pursuit of the Customers Satisfaction