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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Introduce of KAD high speed door in Indonesia. Indonesia Corp. 021.3178.8787~8

Introduce of KAD high speed door in Indonesia
KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

KAD, Korea Auto Door, as a company of largest sales in Korea High Speed Door field in 2013, is a competitive company won Construction Cultural Award in 2013 and obtained European CE Certificate first in Korea and holding various patents and etc.
So KAD try to provide Good quality High Speed doors in Indonesia with reasonable price!
We have our own R&D center and our High Speed Door KAD series are classified KAD-2000/MS, KAD-3000 and KAD-4000, therefore customers can install the High Speed industrial doors most optimized to various industry environments. Our High Speed industrial doors are to install between external and internal pass ways in factories and warehouses, etc. and maintain pleasant environment by blocking dust and insects, etc. coming from outside due to the advantages of rapidly open and close.

Especially, High Speed Door KAD-2000 is a basic type and increased wind block effect by adopting wind bar, and is spot-lighted for food and sanitation facilities by completely blocking even fine dust by mounting brushes on both sides of the door. It can be guaranteed more effective blocking in case of using air curtain and air shower together.
We are proud of our High Speed Door on maximum open and close speed of 0.8~1.5ms, the drum and guide rail of the door are made of aluminum in order to minimize its wear and corrosion. The structure of the drum being mounted on the upper part is curved in order to minimize dust making than that made in straight line.

KAD-4000 high speed Ultra fast type is an efficient industrial door that boasts the fastest speed, and it is designed in dual rail structure in order to reduce the damage of rail which may occur during opening and closing the door, therefore it is the product which can extend life span. Controller and motor which is customized built parts for the speed doors, and laser and supersonic sensor, etc which can sense accurate locations can be optionally applied.

KAD is the only one high speed door company which can meet the deadline in Indonesia.

So just contact with KAD High Speed Door in Indonesia!
We are always be your side!
You can Check the High Speed Door installation in Indonesia HERE
Above link shows famous Company that we install the high speed door in Indonesia.

"Complimentary visit consulting service performed by factory trained technicians."

KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

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