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Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 KAD High Speed Door Winter Workshop in Korea

2014 KAD High Speed Door Winter Workshop in Korea

KAD, Korea Auto Door

KAD, Korea Auto Door had 2014 winter work shop in Chuncheon-city, Gangwo provence
on 2014 Feb, 21st to 22nd

KAD has a workshop twice a year on summer and winter for employee benefits.

<Explain how to play survivor games.>
KAD high speed door co-workers had a survivor games.
Most of Korean men had Military experience because military duties but for women co-workers it's first experience which play with guns.

<Prepare to Shoot the guns>
For men Survivor game is reminder of Military Life.

<Every men knows how to use the guns>
Men fight for there Ego!

But it's not real Gun, We have to grip the magazine because of connection between Guns and Magazines.

After play survivor games we move to play ground and play foot volleyball.
everybody really enjoy the games.

KAD, Korea Auto Door co-workers had a wonderful day and Once again we have solidify the membership and Unity.

With this events KAD co-workers can unity and boost loyalty to own Company.

"Complimentary visit consulting service performed by factory trained technicians."

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