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Friday, August 9, 2013

Section Door, PVC Speed Door, Factory Door - Indonesia Speed Door, KAD-Series 021.3178.8787~8

Indonesia Speed Door, Section Door, PVC Door
Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Agent
tel: 021.3178.8787~8
mobile: 085 510 510 30

KAD Korea Automatic Door established Vietnamese Corporation Factory!

Free of charge visit consulting

The most difficulty in operating factory in the always hot and humid Vietnam will be fighting with hot weather and bugs.

The hot weather may cause deformation of manufactured products and bugs may cause unsanitary condition of the manufactured goods.

Therefore many factories establish many measures and create ideas.

However the most certain way to blocked bugs is to block the entrance, but existing industrial automatic doors have not been significant due to its very low speed, however, the automatic door of KAD Korea Automatic Door works very rapid to open and close therefore bugs and heat from outside cannot come inside.

If it is used in conjunction with air curtain then bugs cannot certainly enter therefore you can enjoy a big effect with it.

The speed door with air curtain blows air from 1.5 second prior to the door opening to block external materials to enter in order to maximize air curtain effect.

Please block foreign materials to enter and block the cold air inside not to go out by installing the speed door of industrial trend of automatic door!

You can get the same product and the same service from KAD Korea Automatic Door Corporation in Vietnam as those in Korea as we established our factory in Vietnam.

KAD Korea Automatic Door representing Korea.

Indonesia Agency

Menara Batavia 17th Floor JI.K.H Mansyur Kav.126 Jakarta 10220. tel : +62 21 574 6766 / mobile : 085 510 510 30

Free of Charge Visit Consulting
tel: 021.3178.8787~8

mobile: 085 510 510 30

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