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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pintu Rolling door Indonesia, High speed door Jakarta, Rapid door Indonesia - 021.3178.8787~8

Pintu Rolling door Indonesia, High speed door Jakarta, Rapid door Indonesia

Indonesia Agency
Tel: 021.3178.8787~8

1) DOOR SHEET (Weaved Cloth)
  1. Material: 100% Synthetic Polyester Double Weaved Cloth (-35°C ~ +100°C)
  2. Structure: Double Weaved Cloth Weaved Coating UV Finishing
  3. Thickness: Orange/Blue/Grey>1.2T/2.0T Transparent (Visible Window)>2.5t
  4. Color: Standard color is orange, blue and grey. Other colors can be ordered according to the customer’s request.
  5. Durability: Above 1 million times

Acts as winding and unwinding the cloth (sheet) of the door.

  1. It has a composition of high stiff aluminum and 1.6T steel (powder painting), and has a role of supporting the guide.
  2. Can be opened during door maintenance, and protects the internal weight device from humidity and rain

By applying a photo-cell at the door frame, once the door closure is detected, it increases immediately. (To secure the safety of site conditions, safety post in and out of the door can additionally be installed.)

  1. It is operated by 2-gear wheels undergoing motor rotation located at the top of the 2 side guides. Here, the side part of the door curtain is guided into the side guide, and the maximum opening speed is 2.5m/sec (regardless of the door size), and this device is responsible for closing the door regardless of friction of wind pressure that affects the door curtain influencing the side guide.
  2. In case of load at motor, the inverter’s Prevention System for Protection will produce the mechanical device.
  3. There are 3 motor capacity of different specifications; SIEMENS MOTOR (IP54 Czech) 0.4 KW (0.5HP) ~ 0.75 kw (1 HP) ~ 1.5 km (2HP), and are applied differently according to door size.
  4. Encoder is attached to the side of the gear box to assess the door location, and sends the signal to the inverter.
  5. Inverter, as a developed product dedicated for automatic door receives the encoder’s signal for 5 step variable control (speed control) that is built in the program.
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Indonesia Agency

Tel: 021.3178.8787~8

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