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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pintu industry door Indonesia, High speed door Indonesia, Rapid door Jakarta

Pintu industry door Indonesia, High speed door Indonesia, Rapid door Jakarta
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As a door which is the basic in the market of automatic doors, it is convenient to install. This product is widely used due to its reasonable price coupled with excellent
performance and features.

The trend of plants that is requested by the modern industrial society lies in increasing productivity, reducing cost and producing high quality products with the establishment of automation systems. In addition, recently, even in Korea, the consciousness of workers has changed, and due to the enhancement of living standards, a more pleasant and clean working environment is being demanded. Moreover, one of the factors that create a pleasant working environment is vehicle access doors of plant buildings.

The existing plants use conventional operation method for vehicle access doors and use materials below average, causing slow speed, frequent malfunction, short lifespan, and various difficulties and hassles such as replacing the entire panel when damaged. This leads to an increase in worker complaints and maintenance cost, ultimately causing significant energy loss and so on. To resolutely solve such problems, Korea Auto Door has developed KAD-2000. By revising and complementing the problems of the existing SPEED DOOR (safety, maintenance expenses), the problems have been completely solved.

The advantages of KAD-2000 are as follows:
  • Transparent PVC (Visible window) is inserted between door sheets to secure safety with regards to view.
  • By replacing the gear wheel type into direct-connection type, it is operated quietly, with minimized malfunction rate.
  • Increased heat efficiency and convenient logistics access: In the case of our company’s KAD-2000, a 2-stepopening control that is the only existing type in Korea has been realized. It opens and closes by distinguishing forklifts and people, maintaining the maximum heat efficiency. By opening and closing with maximum speed, the convenience of logistics has been achieved.
  • Cover Effect: Imported brush of the best specification has been selected for door frame, completely blocking dust and other substances.
  • Noise: Dedicated inverter and the best quality motor have been selected, making this product different as noise cannot be heard at all during operation.
With the start of supplying parts to well-established companies in Korea already, we are about to dominate the domestic market, and above all, high expectations are made on the performance of the locally developed products. KAD-2000 is acknowledged for its excellence and safety in terms of quality and performance, and it is taking a firm position as a compulsory door for manufacturing plants, car wash centers, motel car parks and so on for its fusibility.

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