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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Propak Asia Thailand 2014 : KAD High Speed Doors

KAD high speed door participate to exhibit high speed door in Propak Asia.

Propak Asia is exhibition for Food, Drink, Pharma industry and also very important for packing foods.

KAD high speed door is the company which can seal the space with door. And it's very suitable for food, drink factory for sealing the room.

High speed door can open and close very quickly, so it can reduce the time to contact in and outside, so it can block the dust and insects to get in the factory, also you can control the speed of the doors so if your place need faster or slower speed you can choose the speed of the doors.

With 2 positions opening function, you can block the half open and full open. For example if people touch the switch to get in the factory it's only opened half, but if a forklift to get in the factory, the sensor read that forklift and opened whole of the doors.
So, with this function you don't need contact to outside dirty air.

Installing KAD high speed door is easy to get HACCP License. Nowadays high speed door is requirement to get a HACCP symbol and KAD high speed door is suitable product for food, drink factory.

If you agonize to install the high speed door please visit Propak Asia Thailand 2014 exhibition and watch our doors.

 Propak Asia 2014 Thailand registration

Our Specialists will explain everything about high speed door. We'll give you an answer what you want to know for high speed door.

KAD high speed door always pursuit customer's satisfaction! and we are always listen customer's voice!

Propak Asia is going to start "11th to 14th, June, 2014" in "BITEC in Bangkok"

KAD, Pursuit of the Customers Satisfaction

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