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Friday, May 16, 2014

News from KAD high speed door(get the "Global Brand" symbol from Kotra and exhibition "2014 Seoul Food")

TEL. +82 2 1566 8219

KAD high speed door get  a prize named "Global Brand" from KOTRA(KOrea Trade investment pRomotion Agency)
the "Global Brand" only can get the Company that can make lots of benefit from overseas.
KAD high speed door sell the doors to all around the world, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Uzbekistan and Japan.

So Kotra accept to use the "Global Brand" badge.

This symbol means Korea Government recommend to introduce to other countries.
So which means KAD high speed door is recognized from Korea.

KAD high speed door will do our best for customer's satisfaction.
and KAD will go forward to be more "Global Brand"

And 2014 May 13th ~ 16th KAD has exhibition on "2014 Seoul Food"
This exhibition shows the technology of food and packing.

Nowadays customers want to enjoy the clean food. So most of companies agonize that how can be a clean the factory.
the Answer is the HACCP and if you get a HACCP license customers believe to buy your products.

and KAD high speed door helps to get a license.

KAD high speed door is very fast to open and close so it blocks to enter the outside material get in the factory, and Sealing is very tight so even it's closed it never get in the dust and insects to be inside.

Korea recognized Brand KAD high speed door. We are always pursuit the customer's satisfaction!

KAD, Pursuit of the Customers Satisfaction

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