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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jual: high speed door, rapid door, pintu high speed rolling door 021.3178.8787 Self-Restoring type

Jual high speed door, rapid door, pintu high speed rolling door, Self-Restoring type

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The Self Restoring type's best function is repair itself.
Our High Speed Doors are not use the bars. Our rapid door Frames grab the whole of the sheet.
Because We applied the tooth edge of the sheet and frames can grab sheet easily.
So even if blow the really heavy storms it doesn't escape from frames.

But if the vehicles hits the Door and the Sheet escape from frames. Just push the open and close button it can repair by itself.
It's very easy to use and maintenance also doesn't need.

And when self-restoring type can block the in and outside perfectly. It uses double frame structure, so it blocks twice the other doors. And drum parts also separate with side brackets.

it's very suitable for HACCP, GMP companies and also high accuracy equipment plants.
such as Semiconductor and Car manufactures.

Also KAD door system has manual chain motors.
It's the manual open and close function with chains.
So in emergency situation such as black out it still can make to open and close.

This is the KAD Door systems strong point. As you can see this is very suitable for factory and price also very reasonable.

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