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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

High Speed Door Indonesia(KAD-3000 Self Restoring type), 021-3178-8787, Rapid Door Indonesia

High Speed Door Indonesia(KAD-3000 Self Restoring type),  Rapid Door Indonesia

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KAD. Indonesia Agency

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1. Self Restoring type
  • This type reduces inconvenience of replacing the whole sheets in conventional speed door, which occurs when broken and damaged from collision. It also decreases maintenance cost as well.

2. Advantage of Self Restoring type

  • Self restoring : No repair work & complete recovery, even if it collided with Forklift(vehicle)
  • Secures well-lighted and visibility by inserting transparent PVC between sheets
  • Keep safe using soft and flexible material
  • Withstand against strong wind by holding the side part of the door with strong plastic zippers
  • Saving energy as internally/externally shielded
  • Developed by our own technology

3. Product specification

  • Door size (Width x Height) : Min. 1m x 1m, Max. 11m x 7m
  • Open and Close speed : Max. 1.0m/sec ~ 3.0m/sec
  • Temp. range : -15℃ ~ +70℃
  • Number of operating over : 2,000,000 ~5,000,000 times
  • Noise : 15~20dB
  • Motor power : 3phase-220V-0.4KW ~ 1.5KW-60Hz (Optional)
  • Control power Single phase : AC220V, DC24V, 60Hz

- Motor
Speed door exclusive
  • AC motor (Worm gear type)
  • Prevents door drop in case of damage to the spring
  • Applicable to various sizes
  • Configurable lineup of chain motors according to the size of doors (1.5KW/0.75KW)
Powerful manual-chain function
  • Usable without door size limitation 
  • Secured durability of manual-chain (applied die-casting pulley)
  • Automatically turning off the motor current in manual-chain operation 
- Sheet
  • Material: Polyester belt
  • Structure: Double weaving, flame retardant and UV coating treatment
  • Thickness: 1.0t~2.0t (Transparent window 3.0t)
  • Color: Blue, orange, gray, etc 
- Frame
  • Using high strength AL and dual-extruded material against moisture and corrosion
  • High durability against strong impact 
- Controller
Variable speed control function of inverter
High quality Controller recognized in automatic door market
Maximizes motor efficiency with optimal operation pattern
  • Perfect position control using Encoder
  • Prevents malfunction caused by external electrical noise
  • Saving power consumption with 2-step opening function distinguishing man from cargo
  • Prevents collision accident perfectly by controlling inside and outside of the flashing light
  • Maximizes insect-proof and cooling/heating effect by setting time linked with air-curtain
  • Prevents handling by outsiders with the function of lock-in 
  • Self-diagnostic and error-saving function
  • Easy to check the status of operation through arranging display on the front side
  • Digital control system
  • Easy to connect sensors
  • Cost saving and easy to install by using single phase power Close it
- Safety device
  • Maintains the door open by installing photo-sensor on the left and right sides

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