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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is the most effective way to manage sanitation of food processing plant? KAD high speed door Inc.

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 Food processing plant values hygienic management above everything else. It is because the environment manufacturing food is directly linked with one's health, a company can't allow a tiny mistake. In order to support the sanitary management system of food processing plant, KAD high speed door try our best to research and develop the most suitable products for its own specific needs.

a photo shows high speed doors installed in a company which facilitate fast moving

The photo describes a sealing function of high speed door. There are many workers in front of a high speed door with anti-dust sheets.

First of all, it's available to apply proper sheets of high speed doors for its weather or environment. 

- Mesh sheets: KAD high speed door functions simultaneously ventilation and prevention of insect inflows even it's essential to work with windows opened. It's very hard to come into a plant through tiny holes of green mesh sheets for small insects and dust.

In the picture, there are many tiny holes on the mesh sheets with green color. It's is too small to go through for insects.

- Anti-insect transparent sheets: Fluorescent yellow is the color that insects reluctant to come near. The transparent sheet securing a clear view enables see through the opposition motion.

This is a picture of fluorescent yellow anti-insect sheets that insects hate.

Adapting the yellow anti-insect sheet, high speed doors help maintain clean environment.

Moreover, KAD high speed door possess excellent sealing functions. A brush of basic type high speed door and a zipper type rail of ultra-fast type high speed door maximize prevention of dust influx. 

Fast operation and great sealing function is the main advantages of KAD high speed doors.

Used in conjunction with air-curtain and air-shower, it is much more effective for anti-dust. 

high speed doors linked with air-curtain or air-shower blows dust and insect near the door.

These are examples of construction in global conglomerates.

1) Coca cola

Coca cola produce the same quality of products in every country. KAD high speed door, obtained CE certification, was regarded as a company fulfills the standard of Coca Cola.

With proven work performance, KAD high speed doors have installed in global company coca cola.

KAD obtained CE certification has fulfilled strict standards of coca cola company.

2) Perfetti Van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle is famous for Mentos and other snacks, and exports around the world. Hygienic management system meets certain internal standards of Italy. 

Mentos company named perfetti van melle selected kad high speed doors due to its excellent spec and function.

This is a picture of kad high speed doors built in a happydent and mentos plant.

3) Lotte
Lotte is the first major company in Asia for snack or drinks. Although it was very strict to meet criterion, KAD high speed door was selected for its business partner. 

The photo explain the function of high speed door that perserve sanitary environment which is installed in the Lotte plant.

KAD high speed door offer the same quality of products and service all around the world. Furthermore, every door is constructed by experts from headquarters. 

KAD, Korea Auto Door
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