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Thursday, April 17, 2014

KAD High Speed Door suits for Food Factories. Pursuit of the customers Satisfaction.

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KAD high speed doors are very suitable for Food Factories.
especially KAD-2000 MotorIntegrated type is the totally cut off from outside materials.
All high speed door parts are inside of the door.
So, it looks very clean and 100% separated in and out side.

So usually food companies or Semiconductor companies apply the KAD-2000 MotorIntergrated type, AKA. KAD-2000S.
and KAD-2000 MotorIntergrated type can install the very narrow place because it doesn't need a lot of space to install the High Speed Door.

It's also can linked to air curtain and air shower machines for clean up the inside.

KAD Door system always invest for safe and convenience.

KAD, Pursuit of the Customers Satisfaction

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