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Friday, March 7, 2014

Thank you for your Consideration in Propak in Vietnam! KAD high speed door Indonesia Corp. 021.3178.8787~8

KAD high speed door exhibit in Propak Vietnam
KAD, Korea Auto Door
Indonesia Corporation

Thank you for your consideration for KAD High speed door in Propak Vietnam.
A lot of companies shows interest to our KAD high speed door.
and some Indonesian companies thankfully also visit Propak Vietnam for watch KAD high speed doors.

And also Thai, Malaysian customers visit Propak Vietnam visit our booth.
As you saw it on video KAD high speed door is suitable for industrial field.
and you can apply mesh window between the sheet it can block the insects but the wind can pass through the door so workers can breath the fresh air.

Once again thank you very much for your interest!

KAD, High Speed Door is always prepare for customers request.
and KAD is the one who can install the in the deadline.
So please call us. We can Visit you anyplace you want.
You can Check the High Speed Door installation in Indonesia HERE

Above link shows famous Company that we install the high speed door in Indonesia.
if you gave any question for jual high speed door call us.

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