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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High speed door Jakarta, KAD Door Indonesia free of charge Visit Consulting, rapid door Indonesia.

Pintu Rolling PVC, fabric speed door
Free of Charge Visit Consulting

Sealed structure by adding brush to prevent the foreign objects such as dust & insects from entering.

Apply a transparent sheet: maximize the visibility for inside/outside of the work areas.

To block for harmful materials to be inputted by rapidly air-tightening during inputting and shipping processed products

To maintain temperature by rapidly opening and closing (Below room temperature, 5℃)

To prevent spoilage of products by air-tightening during moving sections (Conveyer section, interlock section)

To block rotting and spoiling (condensing) by maintaining temperature (rusting)

To prevent secondary contamination by rodents and harmful insects by fully sealing during usual time

To improve productivity by automatically high speed opening and closing at a high speed during transferring products.

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